Frequently Asked Questions

How to add a new finding?

  1. Go to "Get Involved" page, create a login, and sign in (coming shortly)
  2. On the New Finding page:
    • In the Publications box, search for the title or author name(s) of the article. If the publication is not yet in the database, click on “Add new publication”. On this new page, enter the title, author(s), publication year, description (optional), and URL of the publication. Click on Save Changes when done editing and on Go back to Add new finding. You should now be able to select the publication just added.
  3. Enter the following features using the drop-down menu:
    • Strategy – which of the strategies (e.g. Protected Areas, Payments for Ecosystem Services) is your new finding most relevant to?;
    • Theme – this will determine which column your new finding shows up in.
    • Metric (variable) – this will determine under which detailed category your finding shows up.
    • Valence – (1) – conservation had a positive impact on your metric, (0) – conservation had no or insignificant effect, (-1) – conservation had a negative impact.
    • Evidence Type – please see detailed description of evidence categories here or here.
    • Conclusion - next, think about what the main finding of the publication is, and carefully consider how it could be communicated in short, non-technical language to a user that does not know the publication. Summarize the finding in a maximum of 50 words. This text will appear when users click on your finding’s square in the visualization. If you are not sure how to phrase your conclusion, try clicking on a few existing squares in the visualization.
  4. Once you are done editing, click on Save Changes. Your new finding will be reviewed by an editor / strategy owner, and then, either returned to you for further modification, or added to the visualization. You will receive an email notification either way. If your finding needs further changes, these will be explained in the “Comments” section, where you can also reply to the editor.

How to make/reply to a comment?

Sometimes, you might disagree with the way a publication’s result is represented or you find a mistake. The comment section allows researchers to exchange observations and suggestions about the findings. If you want to make a comment on a finding, go to the All Findings tab and select the finding you want to comment on. Next, insert a comment on the Comment Box and click on Save Changes. You can reply to comments too.

By adding new findings responsibly, you are helping conservation practitioners access existing research and make better informed decisions, companies assess which conservation initiatives might make sense for them, researchers discover new publications, your publication to be more visible, funders understand where knowledge gaps lie.

Thank you for being an active member of the global conservation community.