Visualizing the Effectiveness of Conservation Strategies

How do you solve a conservation problem? The answer is not straightforward, but conservationists do need to make decisions. Easily accessing the available evidence on what has worked and where is crucial - just as it is important to be able to see what has not worked so well. Conservation Effectiveness is an ongoing science-journalism initiative focused on investigating which conservation strategies work or not. To start exploring the evidence, click on one of the strategies below. You can find in-depth stories about each conservation strategy as well as the detailed methodology on assembling the evidence here.


Conservation Effectiveness is a community effort (not a systematic review), lead by the conservation and environmental science news outlet and the tropical forest ecologist and conservation scientist Zuzana Burivalova. Anyone can contribute new evidence from published studies - get involved!

This project has been supported financially by the MacArthur Foundation, WWF, and CIFOR. Please contact us if you'd like to support this initiative.